Your Skin.  It is your largest organ.  It shields your body from the external world while providing a window into your mind and your health.  Healthy skin is beautiful.  Unfortunately, this amazing organ is often abused, misunderstood and ignored.  Rejuvenate and restore your skin from past damage.  Isn’t it time to learn how to nourish and properly care for the organ that combines protection adn beauty?  After-all, it’s Your Skin.

The office of Dr. Suzette Sanchez, D.O. provides comprehensive skin care for you and your family.  From skin rejuvenation to examination, diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Sanchez is dedicated to providing exceptional care for you and the health of you skin.  Her mission is to make patients of all ages feel comfortable with any questions or concerns related to the health of their skin.


Written by: Erika Fifelski, West Michigan Woman

sunlotionMan_175Before you try for a sun kissed look, consider protecting your body’s largest organ-your skin.  Sun screen can prevent painful sun burns, on-term skin damage, and eve life threatening consequences like skin cancer.

….(Dr. Sanchez) says lather on the sun block and make sure you get a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) that counts.  Sanchez recommends a sun screen with an SPF between 15-30.  “If you go higher, it does not change protection that much,” she says.  Bullfrog or Neutrgena are the brand of sunscreen Sanchez wears and recommends before spending any time in the sun, any day of the week.
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